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We offer a wide variety of services for your business needs! If you don't see something that you want, don't worry! You can contact us with your specific needs, and we will work with you to find a solution that's right for your business!

Strategic Planning – Marketing / Sales

Brand Management

  • To develop comprehensive strategies focusing on branding your business effectively.

Sales & Channel Management

  • We have experience working with small to mid-size businesses to grow and optimize their sales and distribution channels. We provide services in developing and implementing sales and channel strategies, addressing both current and future goals.

Customer Relationship Management

  • To identify your management of your customer relationships with your client. To analyze, develop and facilitate partnerships that assist in building your sales and services organization. These tools will increase retention and generate revenue for your company.

Media Buys

  • To assist our clients in identifying where to utilize their marketing dollars through research and development.

Market Strategy

  • Our goal is to assist companies to diagram and execute a strategic marketing plan which provides a greater understanding of their customers' needs and develops their brand within their communities.

Marketing Spend Effectiveness

  • We offer a fresh insight on how to utilize your marketing strategies to ensure that your marketing dollars are being maximized effectively, resulting in an increase in sales and leading to an increased profit margin.


  • We will develop customized pricing for our client through research in their geographic territory.


Value-Based Performance Improvement

  • To review personnel, positions, job functions to enable maximum effectiveness of corporate performance.

Competitive Benchmarking

  • To assess the company in relation to competitors searching for corporate advantages.

Network Optimization

  • Evaluate and streamline all phases of work, order flow and customer service.

Process Redesign 

  • To restructure and design new work processes to maximize efficiency.

Strategic Outsourcing

  • To provide alternate supply or systems to augment existing structure to provide a cost effective support.

Capability Development

  • To maximize the benefits and talents of the existing work force and provide additional training.

Purchasing & Supply Management

  • To assess cost controls, contracts and evaluate vendors and investigate alternate potential suppliers.

Product Development

  • To research alternate markets for existing products or modify existing products to satisfy market demands in alternate fields.

Operations Design

  • If necessary, to enhance operations, customize system design for the company.


Corporate Strategy

  • To evaluate and determine type of corporate structure for the present and immediate future with potential structural change designed into growth model.


  • To design a growth plan with various sales directions direct or dealer/ indirect plans.

Business Unit Strategy

  • To assess all options available as a business strategy.

Strategic Planning Process

  • To actively work with existing business plans and offer constructive modifications or redesign new plans for optimal growth and profit.

Industry Dynamics

  • To research the business plan in relationship to the growth potential of the industry and offer constructive alternative marketing plans.

Financial Strategy

  • To provide professional advise with regard to various corporate structure and the needs analysis necessary for additional corporate finance. (Debt versus Equity)


Value-Based Management

  • To evaluate existing management and offer suggestions on positive changes of personnel or behavior.

Alliances & Joint Ventures

  • To secure joint venture partners or strategic alliances for maximum growth.


Corporate Governance

  • To provide the necessary guidance with regard to the appropriate corporate reporting.

Organizational Design

  • Design a growth pattern for expansion from sole proprietorship to public company as necessary.

Corporate Transformation

  • Secure the necessary legal services to move the company through the corporate changes.

Human Resource Management

  • To assist in the hiring and terminations as necessary. To provide the additional services suppliers to provide total benefits packages.

Transaction Services

Transaction Support

  • To advise and support management in all phases of potential mergers or acquisitions.

Post Merger Management

  • To evaluate and recommend all post merger personnel changes.

Contracts Service

  • To provide the legal advice necessary for all contractual services.

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